Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Blog Recap

Happy 2014 everyone! I love seeing all the recap posts from last year so I'm sharing some of my favorites today too. 

Most popular posts:
1. DIY: Tin Can Lanterns
2. No 'poo (shampoo that is) for 1 month!
3. Dear 2013 + The 24 Things Challenge

Exploring Barranco by night with the hubby and some friends. (Dear 2013...)

My favorite posts:
1. Ch-ch-ch-chia
2. Photographic Ode to Nature
3. The Boy Behind the Blog {2}

Orchid in Hawaii. (Photographic Ode to Nature)

Funniest Search Keywords:
1. puerto ocopa tarantula. Maybe that's the type of tarantula that was in my shoe, but I didn't know at the time... 
2. acra costarica ex-pat blog
3. sa,mmmm,sw,w,w,e. I have no idea.

Awesome crafty DIYs (the first 2 were wedding projects):
1. Paper Mini-Lanterns
2. Break Bottles with Fire
3. Up-cycled Plastic Bags

(Paper Mini-Lanterns)

Yum yum recipes:
1. Chickpea Paddies
2. Pumpkin Cheesecake
3. Sweet Mango Salsa

Chickpea Paddies

Travelin' shoes and Expat blues (not too blue really, but for the sake of a rhyme...):

5 Tips to a New Language
2. My Top 10 Peruvian Foods ~ Expat Diaries
3. Expat to Expat: Yummy Food

Timeless Tuesday Tunes (a musical discovery series I started back in the beginning of August)
1. The T Sisters
2. We Were Evergreen
3. Nahko Bear

Thanks for coming by. And if you'd like to share one of your favorite posts from your blog...well, I'd love to see it! Have a beautiful day and start to the year!!

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