Friday, March 22, 2013

DIY: Break Bottles with Fire

From wine bottles to crafty jars!

I’ve tried something similar using a friend’s glass cutter. It worked alright but I haven’t been able to try more bottles since I don’t have a cutter myself. I was thrilled to stumble upon a blog with a different and simple technique for DIY breaking bottles.

I followed the blog fairly closely and began having more success after a few tries and adjustments. Don’t give up, it definitely takes some practice! Here are some tips to help:

 -Try different materials. At first I was using thin yarn and switched to thicker, which seemed to be better. Also, shoelaces have worked for others. 
-Wrap yarn around bottle at least 5 times. 
-Instead of taking of the string, dipping in acetone, then putting it back on the bottle – keep the string on the bottle and slowly pour acetone on it (it will soak up more). 
- Light the flame, circling it around until it goes out. Then (AFTER flame is out), pour on more acetone and repeat flame process. This makes sure it’s REALLY hot and will crack 
- Another tip that was helpful in blogger’s review was to directly put bottle in ice cold water NECK first. I switched from using a shallow bucket to a blender (it sounds funny, but I think it helped).
1st try on right...practice, practice!
These are my first crafty endeavor for my wedding! These bottles will be part of the centerpiece...I'll post some pictures of the finished pieces.

Ideas of what DIY to fill them with?? Rocks? Origami stars? Hmm...

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