Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Peru in June: weather and what to pack

In general...
The weather differs hugely with geography in Peru. For example, it is rainy season in Cusco while it is a warm and humid summer in Lima. GotoPeru.org provides a great weather and geographical breakdown (here). A friend suggested I write a list of things to bring when visiting in Cusco, so here's my 2cents...

In Cusco...
June-July is the closest to summer that Cusco gets. It can be really warm during the days and also pretty darn chilly at night. Temperature ranges from 67*F-31*F. Cusco has a dry atmosphere and about 11,200 feet up in the mountains. It is also within a 1/2 day travel to the jungle and snowy mountains.

What to pack...
- luggage bag
- day-trip backpack
- copies of bank cards and passport
- any medications (if you decide to take for High Altitude or Malaria)
- bug spray (This applies if you may be going to jungle regions, including Machu Picchu. Unfortunately, DEET may be the best)
- a good book/travel entertainment- sun block
- reusable water bottle
- bandanna (always handy)
- bathing suit 
- hat
- boots or good tennis shoes
- good jacket/coat
- gloves/mittens
- windbreaker
- sandals
- tank tops, shirts, long sleeves - lots of layers!

A few key items

If you're thinking about hitting up the jungle, you can eliminate most of the items and just bring a bathing suit, a few clothes and bug spray. Also, you can buy most of these things in Peru if you forget something. Actually, it's also a good idea to leave some empty space in your luggage for things you want to bring back (probably some of the beautiful textiles and artisan work).

One more thing - a favorite travel item of mine is a big scarf that doubles as a blanket or headwrap.
Is there something you always take on trips? 

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