Bienvenida and thanks for visiting!
I’m Lisa. Born and raised in California. I was bit with the travel bug in 2007, when I studied in Spain. In college I studied Sociology, Spanish, and some Education. After working in the US, I realized I wanted to continue my travel adventures. This brought me to Central America, where I road tripped and farmed in Costa Rica for a few months. A year later I found myself based in Cusco, Peru. 

One thing that kept me there was this guy I met > Rafael. Just in June 2013 we were hitched {Read more with Wedding Wednesdays here}! Taking a new step and adventure, we decided to make a move to Lima. We’re still new to the area and getting adjusting, but enjoying all the things a big city has to offer.

About my blog…
This blog was born in January 2012. It was created for a few reasons: 
   a. to stay in touch with family and friends 
   b. to share and inspire others 
   c. to practice a new form of expression. 
I’m pretty new to the blogging world (which is much bigger than I imagined) and am teaching myself and learning from others as I go. Any ideas, suggestions, please send me a message!

I’m glad you’re here and hope you find something to your liking ~ travels, inspiration, DIY crafting, recipes, herbal remedies, music and photography are what I'm about!

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  1. Wow Lisa, I was just perusing your blog and I am very impressed! You have such a great eye for beauty and a unique way of expressing yourself. I love what you have done, keep it up chica! XOXO

  2. Um, it's pretty awesome that you have this story to tell! I love untraditional love stories, and I love reading about people who fall in love with a foreign place after a visit. My room mate from college was also bit by that travel bug, and now she's in the Peace Corps!

  3. Hi Lisa, Thanks for checking out my blog! I think it's so awesome that you live in Peru - I lived there for 4 years as a young kid (moved back to the States when I was 5) and I spent a summer there a couple of years ago. I love love love Cusco! But Lima is cool too. I hope you have a great time and I'm looking forward to reading more!