Sunday, May 5, 2013

Photographic Ode to Creatures

Welcome to the second photography series. I noticed that I started taking animal pictures after my 1st trip to Costa Rica. Probably because the creatures are so huge and different than any I had ever seen before. Now I always try to capture interesting creatures on camera. (All photos are taken and edited by myself, unless otherwise noted.)

* * *

Costa Rica 

A little monkey eating fruit up in the trees!

These bright red, purple, and black crabs were
everywhere on our off-the-road adventure in Santa Rosa.

BIG bugs!

* * *

There were a bunch of turtles that came onto shore for a few days. 


On my visit home, I took lots of morning walks in the hills. Pulgas Reserve.

Kisses! Vivid memories of Girl Scout Camp and Outdoor Ed.

Lovely little bees in Sonoma County.

This guy looks like a grump. A day in Muir Woods.

Beautiful dragonfly resting, Silver Lake.

* * *

Cusco and nearby

Family mule, Luquina Chica family homestay.

Rooster of Choquequirao.
Photography: Megan Boyle
Cuy castle in Pisac - read more

Land of llamas at Huchuy Cusco. Photography: Diane Patterson

Gorgeous parrot at Ccotahuasi Animal Rescue.

Puerto Maldonado - Quillabamba (jungle)

We almost stepped on this guy, hanging out under the orange trees.

The tarantula that was in my shoe (and didn't want to come out).

Just a little snack ;)

Aren't creatures magnificent? Hopefully you had as much fun seeing these as I did creating this. Do you have a favorite animal? 

Stay tuned for next Photographic Ode to Funny Things!

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