Saturday, April 20, 2013

Photographic Ode to Nature

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I love photography. And I love plants. I love trying to recreate a moment and show the beautiful elements of nature. This post is a collection of the delicate intricacies nature shows us in places I've traveled or lived.

Most of the photos are taken and edited by me, but also thanks to Diane Patterson for the beautiful Choquequirao shots (when I didn't have my camera).

* * *


Sacred San Pedro cactus.

My lotus succulent.
Flowers overlooking the city from Cristo Blanco.

My favorite flower in Peru. When
they're on their tree they look like little lanterns.

Furry plants ?

Corn in all colors and varieties. 




Pricelessly captured. By Diane Patterson

Delicate little fruity lanterns, Aguaymanto.
 By Diane Patterson

Morning trek into the mist. By Diane Patterson

Puerto Maldonado

Sacred spirals.


A ruffle tree!

Coffee beans preparing themselves.

I connected with this plant because I make jewelry in similar designs.

Cacao pod - mmm chocolate!
* * *


North Bay (Sonoma County)

Beautiful decay, Luter Burbanks Garden.

Mid-air splash, fountain in Chico.
Home plant.

Magnificent Oak.

Barnacles at Salmon Creek.

I liked this tree because it feels like it's on fire.

Peninsula Parks

My very favorite, the great Redwoods.

Treasures, lost and found.

He was looking like he wanted an acorn hat.
* * *

Costa Rica

Bamboo is such an incredibly strong yet flexible root. I was amazed how it grows and bows down like this.

Rainbow Eucalyptus! I edited the colors
a bit but it's not far off from the real effect.
* * *


This lava rock came from the island volcanoes
and covers the beaches, but careful - it's sharp!

Tiger orchids <3

* * *

I hope you enjoyed! Have you ever seen any of these natural beauties?
 Stay tuned for another Photographic Ode to Animals . . .

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