Saturday, April 27, 2013

DIY: Tin Can Lanterns

So I'm on such a recycled art kick, it's not even funny. This new project is inspired as wedding DIY #2 for lighting and decor. I saw the idea of tin can lanterns at a friends house and started browsing some tutorials and blogs. I found a tutorial by Erin at Rookie, with a great description and photos. Above is how some of ours turned out. Now go make your own!

- hammer
- tin cans
- nails (different sizes)
- towel
- freezer
- water

Here's how!
1.  Cut off tops of cans and clean out really well (with hot water).

2. Make sure the edges are smooth and bent in.

3. Soak in hot water for a few moments and peel off label.

4. Fill with water and set in freezer overnight.

5. Now your ready to hammer away! Use different size nails for your designs. And you can work and kneel on the towel. 
6. Defrost or melt the ice from the cans.

7. Light your candles and enjoy your homemade lantern.

- The more holes, the more light will shine out. My favorites were the ones with lots of holes.
- I also like Erin's idea to wear gloves :)
- You can design your pattern beforehand by making a template, like show at Inhabitat.

Optional additional steps:
- Create handles for your lanterns. First hammer 2 holes across from each other at the top of the cans. Then cut a hanger or wire as long as you'd like your lantern to hang. Attach wire through holes and bend the ends using pliers.  
- Paint the outside of the lanterns to add another element of decoration. 

I hope you enjoy this project. It was really fun hammering and making these with friends (and keeping my boyfriend up at night). Thanks for tuning in!

Here's another tin can lantern project I want to try :
Photo from My Upcycled Life

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