Sunday, September 22, 2013

Reverse Bucket List

Good evening folks :) Hoping you had a nice weekend. We did over here. It involved lots of cooking on my part (pizza, cookies, and broccoli and eggplant over rice), relaxing, a fun community event that I helped out, and seeing a friend from Cusco. It was good to get out a bit and see some things. 

Now, onto a sweet thing I found over at Chimerikal the other's called a Reverse Bucket List. Essentially instead of things you must do, the things on this lists are things you've already done or achieved. Neat idea, right? Thanks Erika :) 

Reverse Bucket List
1. study abroad for a year in Granada, Spain
2. teach 4th grade in Peru
3. start own jewelry-making business (Thneedles)
4. drive stick shift in Costa Rica
5. see a double rainbow
6. silent meditation retreat (10 days)
7. sleep under the stars
8. eat gelatto in Rome
9. meet people from other places and travel together
10. start this here blog

Ok, so this picture is from a car because I don't have pictures from walking.
4th grade on a field trip to visit the llamas!
11. zipline in Costa Rica
12. roadtrip internationally in Europe
13. dance like crazy all night with good friends
14. lead a troop of 1st graders at summer camp
15. walk the Golden Gate Bridge
16. travel sola
17. skinny dip
18. 5 day trek Choquequirao in Peru
19. fly in a private jet (a long story)
20. roadtrip across several US states

Way too many photo opts on the way to Choquequirao.

Just leave all your worries in the pineapple patch (WWOOFing)

21. have a beer in some Irish pubs
22. listen to bagpipes in Scotland
23. stand next to a condor in Peru
24. own a car
25. WWOOF on a beautiful farm in Cosa Rica
26. gawk at Sagrada Familia and Park Guell in Barcelona
27. mountain bike through waterfalls
28. go cayoning
29. build a fire
30. hitchhike

Amazing creatures resting for some days after big journeys. 

Me and mi gato <3

31. go parasailing
32. snorkel
33. learn to make tortillas
34. graduate college
35. see sea turtle up close in Hawaii
36. meet and hung out with a famous band (Mars Volta)
37. go on a cruise
38. help to build several houses
39. go skiing
40. find tarantula in shoe
41. get married (AND in a foreign country - read more Wedding Wednesday
42. free hugs in Dublin, Ireland
43. participate in CouchSurfing 
44. celebrate Huatia 
45. learn to make crepes
46. taste Pliny the Younger 

Wow, I feel so incredibly grateful for all these experiences I've had! Share something you would put on your list! 

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