Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Cultural Bit + Tuesday Tunes #5

Well hello there! I hope everyone had a beautiful Labor Day weekend! Although yesterday wasn't a holiday in Peru, Friday was the celebration of Santa Rosa. While the majority of people here are Catholic, this day was a holiday when many people rest at home. I learned that it's also common to go to a convent with their hopes and wishes written and toss them into a well. While I didn't check out this little tradition and am not religious in the common sense of the words, I would love to see this wishing well action! (Not to mention, it would be an epic photo for Weekly Wishes)!

'Pozo de los Deseos' - Wishing Well, Convent of Saint Rose, Lima
{I was also amused to be informed that there is also a website dedicated to Saint Rose where these wishes can be emailed.} 

Now onto the music which I've been all about these past few weeks! This heart-felt and soul-expressing artist is Nahko Bear (member of Medicine for the People). This music doesn't just sound good, but it's music you can really feel: natural, ancient, and pure. It's a struggle to give justice to this music in words, so I'll let you feel for yourself. 
The song below is called "Black as Night" and I chose it because I love the playfulness and sense of humor with a humble message. Some other favorites are "Aloha Ke Akua" and "Wash It Away". If you like his sound, be sure to find more and spread the word!

Enjoy and remember the blessings around you :)


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