Saturday, September 7, 2013

2 Things for Today

Hi again! It´s been a few days since my last post, as life has it´s ups and downs I´m dealing I have a little positive things to share tonight.

#1 Fresh Tomato and Basil snack
Is anyone else a big basil fan!? I definitely am. This is super simple and delicious (which is usually what my recipes are about). And since the sun is on it´s way to Lima, I made this snack getting ready for nice, warm weather. 

Tomatoes + (goat) cheese + basil + olive oil + sprinkle of salt

 #2 An ounce of positivity
My teacher from middle school posted this quotation on Facebook and it made me smile. I especially like the last two lines. We´re all in tough situations sometimes, but realizing that and moving on is key in overcoming it. It´s like Ben Lee once sang - we´re all in this together.

Best wishes for a restful, active, refreshing (or whatever you need it to be) weekend. 

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