Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday Tunes #6 Childhood Flashback

Hello and welcome my lovelies!
Today's Tuesday Tunes we're mixing it up a bit! I was telling my husband about the children's music I would listen to and sing along with as a kid. I loved singing and still have some of those songs are still ingrained in my mind (Bananaphone or Baby Beluga anyone??). Naturally in this conversation Raffi came up as the children's entertainer of the 80s and (I think) 90s. Do you guys remember him?! Man, this guy has a talent for story-telling and entertaining kids! Look at the kids' faces in this video - it makes me so happy!!

Raffi singing Peanut Butter & Brush Your Teeth

I was interested in seeing what Raffi is up to these days. This guy's even cooler than I thought - he has a campaign about honoring children and creating a commercial free childhood. And the part that I really respect is that he actually follows through with his philosophy - he's never advertised or promoted his music to children. 

Cheers to the memories, go Raffi!
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