Monday, September 2, 2013

August recap...and hello, September!

It seems like September came out of nowhere for me, anyone else?! The weather here in Lima is quite the opposite of the states (although I think the weather everywhere is pretty out-of-whack). While I´ll miss autumn in California, it´s suppose to be spring in a few weeks and I´ll be glad to see the sun again :)

So I decided to recap what happened in August...

* To start out the month, my husband and I packed up and made big move to Lima.

Going to the market in Surquillo.

* I found a job and am continuing to work teaching English. Rafa is still on the job hunt and we´re anxious for something to transpire.

* We visited some museums, like Museo de Arte de Lima, Museo de Ciencas Naturales, and a few expositions around the city.

* Joined the Bigs-Littles and Kerry´s my partner. It´s been really helpful and fun getting to know her and giving ideas. Her blog is Till Then, Smile Often, definitely hop over and say hi!

* I experiemented with chia seeds and fell in love with them!

These are chia seeds!
* Completed my 2nd DIY vlog (hubby helped with the video/editting): Up-cycling Plastic Bags

What were the highlights of August for you?? Have a lovely day!

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