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Hey there! I´d like to a few a minutes to share a new and very exciting discovery of the last 2 weeks...CHIA seeds (did you guess from the title?!) First I´ll talk a bit about what chia is all about, then onto 3 chia recipe ideas.

What´s chia?

Maybe you've heard of this little guys before, since they're in the health food hype these days. They´ve actually been around since Mayan/Aztec/Incan times and were used to sustain energy. [Read more here or watch a video here] The other day, I found them at a local market and decided I should try them out. Until I researched them a bit, I had no ideal of their potential benefits. Well, let me tell you, it´s super good stuff!

Chia seeds have
   <> more calcium than a glass of milk
   <> more Omega-3s than almon
   <> more antioxidants than blueberries
Chia seeds are also
   <> gluten/grain-free
   <> energy-giving
   <> are able to keep you full 

Chia Recipes

Another plus is that chia is very versatile. This is partially because it´s consistency changes into a type of gel when it´s mixed in liquid. I've experiemented with a few different ways to use it this week. 

#1 Chia as an Egg Substitut

Apparently, you use chia instead of an egg in some recipes. I tried this in a carrot bread and also a quiche. In the quiche, I also used part real eggs and part chia (or ´chia eggs´ as I like to call them). To make make 1 chia egg = 3 spoons water + 1 spoon chia.

#2 Chia as a drink: Chia Fresca

After reading up, I learned this drink is hugely popular in Mexico. It´s refreshing and gives an energy boost, plus it´s got a fun texture! My husband loves limeade, so this healthy variation was an instant hit. It would also be great with coconut water! [Idea from Oh She Glows]
¨Chia egg¨ + 1.5 cups of water + spoonful of lime/lemon juice 

scoop of ice + sweetener to taste = Chia Fresca

I definitely recommend trying this mild, refreshing, and super easy recipe!

#3 Chia as a Mustache

Ok, ok so it´s not a recipe but this was priceless so I had to share! My husband had just drinken the Chia Fresca in this picture :)

I hope you have fun in your chia adventures and I´ve got some more recipes coming this way. Until then, chia later!

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