Tuesday, August 27, 2013

And my wishes for the week...

Here we are for Weekly Wishes again! Thanks to the lovely Melyssa for hosting this community building link-up of wonderful ladies. I´m meeting tons of new bloggers and am so grateful for this :)

Here were my goals from last week and my progress...
1. Continue with previous goal #3  still working on meeting new people :)
2. Wash pile of laundry all clean and handwashed!
3. Look into more work options  it turns out I´m getting more hours with my job.
4. 20 minute quality time  Quality time has been good - we´ve been hanging out more time. It turns out it´s easier when I´m down my computer haha...positives and negatives to everything!
5. Publish new DIY video - complete video, publish (tomorrow´s the day!)

This week´s goal I want to relax a little bit and lay off the list. Sometimes simple is good and I need to remind myself that from time to time. I tend to try to take on lots of tasks, so this week´s goal is to simplify and focus. Something in particular I aim to focus on is being happy by smiling and making conversation with those around me. Good luck ladies with your week and live happy!


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