Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekly Wishes #1

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Hey kiddies! Time for a little motivational link-up for the week, hosted by Melyssa over at The Nectar Collective. If you want some positive and upbeat reads about living in Japan, you've got to check out her blog. And you'll find Weekly Wishes link-up guidelines there too. goals for this week! 

1. More chia experiments: So I've discovered chia seeds. They're amazing little omega3-calcium-antioxidant filled seeds! I'm working on testing out they're capabilities in the kitchen. I'll be posting on this for sure!

2. Update blog design: I must must post my 'introduction blurb' and 'about me' pages this week...esh, talk about procrastinating!

3. Meet up with some new people: I've been in Lima about 2 weeks and have been busy with the hubby and this new job. So I really want to meet some girlfriends to hang out with and have girl time with.

4. Go to a cultural event/museum/show: I think we're planning on a movie this week. If not, I want to explore something else! I mean I'm in a huge new city, so this shouldn't be a problem,

5. Cut out sweets everyday: Yea...I've been overwhelmed by all the sweet possibilities here. Carrot, banana, coconut bread...but I'm going to overcome the craving! Maybe more chia will help with this one (it supposedly cuts hunger as one of its benefits) ;) 

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  1. Oh! I can't wait to see your chia experiments! Hope you have a peachy keen week!


  2. I have been curious about chia but was afraid of a big fat fail. I look forward to seeing what you have to say about it!

  3. Can't wait to hear how your chia experiments work out! I've never heard of it and I'm intrigued!

  4. Heys girls, thanks for sharing in my chia excitement :) I'll definitely be updating on this so stay tuned!!

  5. I started making chia seed and flax seed smoothies in the morning with milk and banana and if I am feeling a sweet touch some honey or maple syrup.. and well if i wanna be super funky a sprinkle of cinnamon and cloves! But i would love to learn more chia seed recipes. I have felt less cravings for sweets and breads which i am trying to cut out because I was eating them wayyy too much here in Cusco. Lets keep in touch! And good look with everything, I know you will meet some great people in Lima!

  6. Ooo smoothies with flax and chia! I wanna get my super funky smoothie making on too :) I'll get more fruits and try it! Totally feel you on reducing the sugar and bread intake, and good to hear chia is helping with it. Thanks for connecting me with people here! Hope it's refreshing to be back for you :)