Monday, August 5, 2013

...and hellos {movin´ to the city, pt. 1}

Hola a todos y todas (Hello everyone) and happy Monday! Just a few days ago my husband and I moved from Cusco to Lima, Peru {read and see some pics from Cusco here}. Just to give you an idea, here's a little map. Cusco is high in the Andes mountains and Lima in on the coast at sea level. 
It was about a 22 hour bus ride because of all the mountains
 but it's only an hour flight. 

The first very obvious difference about Lima is in altitude and climate. We arrived to Lima in a huge overcast fog, which is even split-pea-soupier than San Francisco. The surprising part is that it isn´t cold. At least we don't feel it, coming from a bitter cold in Cusco. Now I understand that people say the cold is different in Cusco from in Lima. Although it may be 17*C in both places, it feels very different because of the humidity.

Also, the altitude is another big change. Now we're at sea level, instead of around 11,000ft. In terms of consistency, this really affects atoms. For example, my lotion bar has de- and re-congealed on some Qtips... and Ginger Chews, which had a very hard consistency in Cusco and are magically chewy again! I was thinking of taking a picture, but you get the idea...

Now I´m excited to try baking something and cooking rice not at high altitude!!

Stay tuned, lots more to come...

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