Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Goodbyes... {movin' from the Andes}

The Cathedral, Plaza de Armas
¡Hola a todos y todas! So big changes are happening...just today my husband and I moved from little old Cusco to the big city Lima. Since I've been there nearing 2 years and my husband a bit longer, we were a little sad to leave but excited for a change and other opportunities in the capital (plus getting his visa, which is a whole 'nother thing). I put together a little summary of Cusco and what I'll miss.

1. The colors
Peru is bright and vibrant from it´s woven textiles to typical it´s corn!?! Yep it´s true!
A woven decoration at a market near Pisac.

Natural dyes at the Pisac market

Huge arrays of maiz - all shapes, sizes, and colors!

2. The animals
There´s a few animals that are unique to Peru...guanacos (similar to llamas) and Peruvian hairless dog to name a few.
Guanaco in Machu Picchu ruins

Here´s the Peruvian dog! I love when they
have little sweaters on and mohawks!

3. The landscapes
The clouds, the sunsets, the mountains...
Me on top of Wayna Picchu! The backdrop is Machu Picchu.

Maximo playing this stringed Andean instrument
(similar to a charango) at Cristo Blano. 

4. The traditions and culture
The Andes mountains are a very culturally-rich areas. I loved learning about the different cultures and communities - from typical foods and dress to regional slang words and accents, from despachos to Huatia...

Typical dress themed bday party!

Ceremony and offering to the Pachamama (Mother Earth).

Huatia is a type of harvest fest where potatoes are cooked
in rock ovens, like the kids are constructing here.

Megan and I at the Llama Sector, Choquequirao

5. The people
I´ve had the pleasure of knowing some quality people in Cusco. I made an array of international girlfriends who I was blessed to have found. Thanks to these girls who made a huge impression on my experience. I also had the opportunity to teach English to a lively, motivated, and fun group of kids outside of town. I´ll miss all of these people so much!

5 amazing ladies adventuring across mountains

My girls in Oropesa!
Isn´t it true that wherever you are, you´ll always miss something from somewhere? What´s one thing you love about somewhere?


  1. You'll be so glad to have this to look back on after your move. What a good idea! I really enjoy living in Australia as a whole, but not so much the exact town we are in. I can get pretty down about it, but I really do try and remind myself of some of the things I will miss about it when the time comes to leave. That really helps me stay positive and keep things in perspective.

  2. That's a great idea too, Megan! I agree, it helps to appreciate a bit of wherever you are. It definitely helps with homesickness :)