Sunday, July 14, 2013

DIY: Paper Lantern Lights (+ giveaway link-up)

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DIY: Paper Lantern Lights

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My vision with this project was to use Christmas lights for lighting and decoration, but with an added element. This project was perfect! To make these little lanterns, I referenced the blog Poppytalk because it has an easy and visual instructable. 

Prepping tips:
* I used paper a bit thicker than tissue paper. It seems paper should be thin so that the lights will shine through and still be bright. Newspaper would also be a cool effect!

* Use desired colors. Mine were purple and white.

* My cubes turned out about 1 1/2in. x 1 1/2in. Original paper was measured 15cm x 15cm.

* If you need to make a lot, throw a little lantern-making party with some friends! I'm so thankful for all the help I received because they got done so much faster.

Making the lanterns:
* Essentially your lanterns will be balloon origami! Here are the steps:
* You'll blow up the balloons and slip the open end over the light bulbs. 
* I recommend doing this after the lights are already hung. It's much easier because they will fall off if moved a lot.
* I ended up having so many Christmas lights hung, that I didn't put lanterns on all of the bulbs. But the effect is still apparent and sets a whimsical mood :) 

And the final product looks like this!

Thanks for joining me. Isn't this DIY fun and easy!?

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