Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Cultural Bit: Movie Theaters {+Tuesday Tunes #7}

Hello lovely ladies, and gents too! Can I share something I was SOOOO excited about from this weekend? I went to the movies!!! This was something pretty special because until recently I was living in Cusco, where there are currently no movie theaters. So this Sunday Rafa and I were exploring downtown Lima and when we stumbled upon a little local theater at 7pm with no other plans, it was just the right thing to do. Despite the run-down appearance of the place (we go for authentic and cost-effective), we had a really fun time. We saw Aviones (Disney´s new movie Planes) and it was really cute. Aside from one other movie I saw in Spain, this was my first Spanish movie in a theater. Kids movies are perfect because it kept my attention and I wasn´t lost in very fast phrases. It was definitely a success!
And since today is Tuesday, I have a really fun fusion of Tuesday Tunes for you! The artist is called Miki Gonzalez and is apparently pretty well known (at least in Latin America). His music is an interesting mix of techno-trance, jazz, and traditional Andean music. I heard of this guy awhile back from a traveler I stayed with but didn´t listen much until lately. I love it because of the stories of the Andean people that are incorporated into this new style of music.

Do you have any favorite music fusions? Or maybe a favorite type of world music?
Sending wishes for a beautiful day!

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