Sunday, September 29, 2013

Stone Meditations

live simply. simply live.

Good day, lovelies! I hope you're enjoying your day so far - whether its spending time with loved ones, out exploring, catching up on housework, or just chilling at home. Before I head out to adventure around Barranco area of Lima, I want to share a little sweet something ...

I call it Stone Meditations. Basically, collect some smooth rocks and started writing inspiring messages or things you want to reflect on them. Here are some ideas I used and want to make:

~ all with love
~ live simply. simply live.
~ fly
~ gratitude
~ inspire
~ voice
~ do you
~ go girl (one of my favorites!)

I also tried a few techniques of writing on them. I used sharpie directly on the stones, tried using stamps, and also stamped on tissue paper and modge-podged it on. Have fun playing around with what you like.

Now you have your meditation stones :) You can use them as a mantra of what you want to bring into your life. Look at them and hold them once a day. Maybe even take a few minutes to sit with them, feel their weight, and let the message sink into you. Admire the beauty of their grounding nature. I keep my meditation stones with my plants, on an alter, and on the windowsill. 

If you like this, you can see some more Zen rocks at Chasing Happy, where I was re-inspired with this idea :) Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your Sunday!

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