Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Some Blog Changes

Hi there and happy day lovelies! Maybe you've noticed a bit of changes around this blog here. This explanation is a bit overdue, but the time has come to share what's going on behind the blog these days. 

It's time for a major revamp! 

*  Transfer web hosts. I've decided to take a daring step into the world of WordPress*takes deep breathe* It was a bit quite intimidating at first, but step by step I'm getting there. There are a lot of things to explore and learn! And it just seems too awesome to miss out on the fun and possibilities. Plus, I like that it will give me more ownership over my blog and more options for customization. 

*  Name change. I've loved creating this blog and I have fun sharing through it. But I have to admit, that I wasn't planning on it becoming such a big hobby of mine. It kind of happened once I started blogging more regularly. And it's been really neat meeting other ladies from around the globe, so I kept working on it. Back when I started on Blogger, I had no idea about html code, branding, blog etiquette, etc. So it's been a huge learning experience for me. 

New goals:
    --> Transfer everything over to WordPress in the next week or so. 
    --> Streamline and connect everything - i.e. URL, blog title, etc.
    --> Become MORE connected tech-wise! I've been behind on technology for awhile (I'll blame living in Peru, where Facebook is still a rising fad)...but I'm going to give Twitter a go. And Pintrest, which shouldn't be hard because it's awesome! 
    --> Get out there, meet people, and explore the blogging community. I want to try sponsoring and promoting awesome ladies and their businesses, as well as giveaways, and guest posts. 

On that note...if you are interested in connecting or creating something together, please get in touch in the comments below or at [ ]. I can't wait to join our inspirations!

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