Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday Tunes { 1st link-up!! }

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Hey all!! Today is such an exciting day! I've been doing my weekly Tuesday Tunes for awhile now, since last August actually...It began because I love the feelings that can be evoked from music and I wanted to document and share new artists I find. Does anyone else LOVE discovering new music? It's so fun for me but now I'm even more excited to open it up and share! 

Do you already do something similar? Are you a music-lover? Want to promote amazing local artists? Come join the link-up! 

Post a little bit about the song/artist you chose or anything you'd like to share. You can choose to follow the fun prompts below or do otherwise, as you're inspired. The idea is to share some musical inspiration and create a positive vibe in the community. 

Link-up Guidelines
1. Share your musical post. Use whatever platform works for you - YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, etc. 
2. Link back to this site so others can join in the fun! You're welcome to use the button I created below :)
3. Link-up on Tuesday(s). Tuesdays are ideal (because alliteration is awesome), but the link-up is open all month long.
4. Browse some other musical posts from the link-up and leave some love for the wonderful ladies.
Meanderings, Adventures, & Crafty Inspirations

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Tuesday Tunes
January 7: new discovery

Gaby Moreno! This lovely woman totally had me from the first song I heard. I browse through NPR Tiny Desk concerts and KEXP sessions often and that's how I found her. She's a spunky lady with bluesy, soulful voice and she creates some really passionate tunes. Another reason I love her is that she's strong in her Guatemalan roots and has an album in Spanish. I'm posting two songs to give more of a flavor of her and to hear both in English and Spanish. Isn't she a gem?!?

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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