Sunday, January 26, 2014

Do you MeetUp?

Hello lovely beings! I hope you're having a really awesome/relaxing/insert whatever-adjective-you-need- weekend! 

This isn't sponsored post, I just want to express my honest opinion and experience. I love finding amazing resources, so this one has me really excited to share. So, I'm you use Have you heard of this thing? 

I'd heard of this online social network awhile ago, probably through friends. Actually, I wouldn't even call it an 'online social network'. It's an online way to get people off-line through events, sharing hobbies and meeting people locally. It's creating communities in our communities! Similar to what used to offer for local communities, MeetUp goes the extra steps.
From their website:
Meetup's mission is to revitalize local community and help people around the world self-organize. Meetup believes that people can change their personal world, or the whole world, by organizing themselves into groups that are powerful enough to make a difference.

Why MeetUp?

Connect based on interest. Have you ever wished you had others to share your favorite hobby with or go on adventures? 

It's zero to low-cost. Sometimes groups charge for participation (some more than others) or an annual fee. This is because it actually costs money to a running a MeetUp group. Generally,  the focus isn't on money, but rather on creating community. 

Variety of groups. You could probably find any type of group you could want. The groups range from photography to tennis, to long backpacking trips, to gaming....Heck if you can't find one you like, create your own!

Transparent. It's pretty much self-run. Organizers post events and dates. Participants RSVP, discuss, organize carpools, etc. So you choose whatever events you'd like to attend from whichever groups you've entered. 

Sync it. I guess this wouldn't be a reason to try it, but it's definitely a perk that MeetUps can export straight into GCalendars or iCal.

To my knowledge it only runs in the US so I wasn't able to try it in Peru. Being in California, I was curious to try it out and see how it worked.

People are people and they're interesting. Throw in some fun activities and it can't go wrong. I've been participating in a few groups: a photography one, radical homemakers, and nature hikes, all close to where I love. It feels really good to be able to meet people through these passions. And it seems like people usually just 'click' from the start.

And after this post and browsing their website more, I'm just smitten with the positivity that beams from them. Yay for this movement in building community and sharing passions! Here's what some MeetUpers have to say:

What are your thoughts? How do you connect with new people?

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