Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Word of the Year

The Creative Collective

Hey friends! Gee, today was a whole mix of feelings and things. I'll maybe try to express the negative side later, but for now I'm going to keep this positive. So the good things are that I watched some great movies and got a little crafty. AND I'm all about this Creative Collective that Melyssa started! 

Essentially, it's about bringing more creativity into life and she's created some really fun prompts to link-up about twice a month. And you know how art is therapeutic? Well, this is kind of like free crafty therapy and I love it! Today is the first link-up and the prompt is: choose a word for 2014 that you want to focus on, then create something to remind you of it.

I chose the word..........DO! This is meaningful to me because sometimes laziness wins me over. When I get in a funk and can't seem to get out or when guilting myself about not getting back to someone for awhile. I know I can do better so I'm focusing on taking action, being pro-active in making my life wonderful!

This is also important to me because this past year I haven't been creating as much art and jewelry as I'd like. I would love to get back into these passions this year! I just want to be able to whip out a project to do if I'm feeling inspired and especially if I'm needing some creativity. Just like today - it was fun using some of my jewelry supplies and wire again.

Heck, I'd like to do a few things on my bucket list too! All around, I want to embrace action and growth in my life. Ups and downs but always forward! Let's do this, 2014!

What word would you choose for this year? What is your creative expression?

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