Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday Tunes Link-up #2: Flashback Favorite!

Hello all and happy Tuesday! Last week I started my first real link-up with Tuesday Tunes....meaning today is number 2 - woo I'm excited!! I'll share mine and invite you to join in too (below)!

Today I'm going with the prompt for the 14th and bringing it back to my second year of high school. I've always liked lots of different kinds of music but at this time I was pretty into alternative music. Simple Plan, Sum 41, Good Charlotte, you know... It was that slightly awkward, angsty, wanting-a-boyfriend-really-bad-and-not-completely-comfortable-with-yourself time. At least for me. So at the time, this music was a big comfort that related to my world. Looking back, I love that awkward time and the things I would do. So here it is - my theme song of the time: I'd Do Anything by Simple Plan.

Do you have a flashback favorite? I've also seen a few musical posts today and invite you to share and link-it-up! Post a little bit about the song/artist you chose or anything you'd like to share. You can choose to follow the fun prompts below or do otherwise, as you're inspired. The idea is to share some musical inspiration and create a positive vibe in the community. 

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Link-up Guidelines
1. Share your musical post. Use whatever platform works for you - YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, etc. 
2. Link back to this site so others can join in the fun! You're welcome to use the button I created below :)
3. Link-up on Tuesday(s). Tuesdays are ideal (because alliteration is awesome), but the link-up is open all month long.
4. Browse some other musical posts from the link-up and leave some love for the wonderful ladies.

Thanks for joining and can't wait to see some posts!

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