Saturday, January 4, 2014

DIY: Fingerless Gloves {+ 24 Things update}

 Happy beautiful morning. I'm happy to be enjoying the redwoods with my parents for a few days. Nothing like waking up to sun peeking through the leaves, surrounded by nature, and hearing pitter-patter of a little bird dancing on the roof. 

I have an awesome and ridiculously simple DIY project. Fingerless gloves! I love mine and have made several pairs. You know those gloves you can buy for like $1? Those, a pen, scissors, and matches are all you need!

Get your materials:

Gloves  +  pen  +  scissors  +  matches   

Cut off most of the fingers, leaving 1/4 remaining. Draw a line before if you need to. 

Then, carefully burn the edges to seal so they won't unravel.

Decorate by sewing on buttons or beads if you'd like.
Dah dah dah!

Easy peasy right? If you're feeling crafty, check out some more DIYs!

*   *   *

Update #1 on the 24 Things Challenge. If you missed what it's about it's basically purging and not buying any unnecessary things for 24 days, Jan. 1st-24th {more here}. 

In the past few days I've been sifting through a lot of things. I came to terms with my childhood stuffed animals and only kept a handful that were in the chest. The memories are always in my mind but I don't want to keep every little thing. Some I gave to my little cousins - they were thrilled - and the rest I'll donate this next week.

I also decided to let go of the possibility of using some things again some day. My old wooden fish tank stand has been in my room, occupied by fishy friends for nearly 10 years but I held onto the idea I would have fish again one day. But I was able to reason and let go of that. I could always get another one, if that time comes.

 There wasn't much hesitation in my scouring. The fact that I'm doing the challenge and want to cleanse from extra things was great inspiration to do it (and that my things are taking over my old room in my parents' house too)! It feels so good to clear out space.

If you're on board with the challenge, how's your experience? If not, what are your feeling towards 'stuff'?

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