Sunday, January 12, 2014

Life Lately + 24 Things Update

Life lately...

therapeutic release / crazy laughter / brownie-candy explosion / wine-cork crafting / catching up / seeing friends

jewelry making classes (give) / writing / teaching self / starting a class (take)

organizing / sorting / donating / selling / 24 Things Challenge

...speaking of this...

24 Things Challenge going strong! I'm sticking with cleaning out an area or getting rid of a few things everyday and I've only bought about a handful of meals and a few drinks (a perk of currently living with my awesome parents). 

A few things I've let move on or updated:    

being scared 
jewelry I've accumulated
cool globe lamp that had sun spots
old papers I wasn't ever going to look at again
unorganized photos from forever ago
unorganized emails and system
computer documents
old passwords 

I'd definitely recommend reading these two articles if you want some organizational inspiration Tips for Organizing and Storing Photos ~ A Beautiful Mess & 8 Tips and Apps to Organize Email ~ Treasure Tromp. These ladies are amazing!

I condensed about 5 boxes of old photos into 2 by just getting rid of the envelops and putting them straight into a box. It feels good to save some of that space and consolidate. At some point maybe I'll go through them and label by year, but for now, it's a good start!

If you've you accepted the challenge, how's it going? If not, what's something you plan to go through and organize? Read more on the original post here. Have a lovely Sunday!

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