Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday Tunes { Link-Up #4}

Hello lovelies and happy day! The end of January already?! This month I've been running Tuesday Tunes and opening it up to you with a link-up. Thanks to wonderful participants thus far for joining! If you'd still like to join, it's open through next Tuesday.

Essentially, I created this to share new artists I discover and spread musical inspiration through this blog. You can post a little bit about the song/artist you chose or anything you'd like to share. Choose to follow the fun prompts above or do otherwise, as you're inspired. The idea is to share some musical inspiration and create a positive vibe in the community. Here's mine and the link-up is below. Feel free to grab the button I made :) 

My Pick of the Week:
You know when you hear a song and love it but don't know who it's by? I'd heard this song a few times and had that experience. It came up on my Pandora station (yay - it doesn't work in Peru), so I checked out the group and really like all of their stuff. Especially the singer's voice. 

The feeling it gives me is kind of nostalgic and sweet. It takes about giving time and space, even when it's really hard. It's kind of what Rafa and I are going through now, to a small extent. While it's a challenge to be away, I really am glad for the opportunity to be apart to miss each other. It's a good practice in growing appreciation....oh, and PATIENCE!

It's called "Let Her Go" by Passenger.

Link-up Guidelines
1. Share your musical post. Use whatever platform works for you - YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, etc. 
2. Link back to this site so others can join in the fun! You're welcome to use the button I created below :)
3. Link-up on Tuesday(s). Tuesdays are ideal (because alliteration is awesome), but the link-up is open all month long.
4. Browse some other musical posts from the link-up and leave some love for the wonderful ladies.

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Enjoy music and life always!

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