Friday, January 17, 2014

7 Eye-Opening Documentaries { + 24 Things Update}

I've been watching so many movies lately! I usually do, but they're recommended by my hubby. He always shares great ones. I found these documentaries mostly on NetFlix (although I hate to admit I use it) and they have some good picks! Here are a few that stood out to me, if you're looking to gain some insight into some issues. I especially love the bee ones - what amazing little community-creating creatures!! Enjoy :)

Food for Thought

    * The Raw and the Cooked. A vivid and colorful exploration of the foods and cultures around Taiwan. I recommend this one if you're a travel-lover, like me!
    * Sushi: The Global Catch. This potent documentary examines the history, art, and current reality of sushi-making, which is becoming a threat to several species' survival. Definitely eye opening.


Bees: Goddess Creatures

    * Queen of the Sun: What the Bees Are Telling Us An eye-opening introduction to the importance of bees on earth and the problem we're facing: Colony Collapse Disorder. And I definitely want to keep bees after this film! 
    *  Vanishing of the Bees. A vital documentary about bees to understanding their importance and scary situation that's occurring. Very thought- and action-provoking. 
    * More Than Honey. This documentary looks into how bees and honey have become a huge commercial industry. It's pretty biased and in-your-face, but insightful nonetheless. 
    * The Magic of Urban Beekeeping: A Backyard San Francisco Hive: This is just a really great 12 minute clip with a great look into what beekeeping is like. Another bee-keeping inspiration for sure!!


    * Seoul Train. A documentary exploring the harsh and horrible reality of the human rights violations in North Korea and the people who are trying to help refugees. If you don't know much on the situation, this film is a must-see.
    * Man On Wire. A adventurous documentary about a wild dream of someone who loved walking on wire and made a huge impression in the 1970s. I loved the passion and exhilaration! 

I'm continuing this challenge of cleaning out and making room for positive things. More about thechallenge here. There’s only one week left to go and I’m aiming to have a strong finish! My goal is to completely clean out my room. My methods are donating, sharing things with friends/family, getting rid of things, and just organizing and rearranging.   

These past two weeks have been somewhat intense so a few big things are part of this challenge. One biggy was my car. Jade was my first and we’d had many adventures together. I gave her to my brother and he ended up getting another car, which I hope is good for him. It wasn’t actually too hard, since I haven’t used her much in the past few years. I suppose there’s still a bit of sentimental value, as much as you can have towards a big piece of metal. She was a good one :)
Jade on a roadtrip up the West Coast.

The other big thing that I’m cutting out of my life is drama. It can only go so far, but why even let it get that far. I don’t want it anymore. Goodbye drama and those who perpetually cause it!

A few other things I’ve purged:   
  ~ inaction (hence my word of the year!)
  ~ a jacket (that I wasn’t planning to wear but just holding onto because it was cute)
  ~ a lot of Mardi Gras beads (ok, saving a few for the craft box)
  ~  metal water bottle (which was so well-loved the stickers were half rubbed off)
  ~ toilet paper rolls (intended for kids projects)

It’s just incredible how things accumulate so quickly. And how I convince myself I will use things later. It’s great to recycle but not always realistic to save things…

                      So, how’s your purging? What are you most glad to get rid of?

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