Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekly Wishes + Tuesday Tunes #14

Good day all! It's been way too long since I've participated in Melyssa's Weekly Wishes, so today I'm excited to connect with these lovely women again. I really love this link-up because it's a nice little push to inspire me with accomplishing some things that have been on my to-do list. So first Weekly Wishes and below is my music pick of the day for Tuesday Tunes.

Since I haven't participated much lately, I'll just share that I accomplish something from my Lima bucket list! We went to Pachacamac ruins, about an hour from the city (another post coming soon). 

Now here are my aspirations for this week.
1) Start going through things. In December I'm going back to California for awhile and my hubby is moving to another place in Lima (somewhat stressful, but poco a poco). So I'd like to start going through things this week, purging, and organizing a bit to prepare for the move/trip. 
2) Be thankful. I'd like to use this as my mantra and thread it through everyday. And I'll participate in one of these thankfulness projects I'm seeing around blogland and admiring so much.
3) Catch up on my online class. This week, I'm getting back on track to finish out my class! It's really enjoyable and opening my perspective on education. I can't wait to do this one!

*   *   *

And here's the musical portion of the post! I started Tuesday Tunes (14 weeks ago) because I love finding and sharing new artists and music. Here is where I share a song and a little bit about the artist or how I found them. 

This week, my props go out to the T Sisters. These girls have some of the most beautiful harmonies, with a classic, folksy twang. I kind of fell in love with them and their music when I went to a variety show in Oakland, in which they were all dressed up with fun costumes (who wouldn't love that?)! This song is their version of Paul Simon's American Tune and it just really hits a deep spot in me. Go T Sisters!

Please link-up with Tuesday Tunes if you love music-discovering too! Have a beautiful day.

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