Saturday, November 9, 2013

Bucket List

Hey all. Life can be pretty heavy sometimes, wouldn't you agree? It seems like lately, natural disasters are having such extreme affects on people all over. So let's take a moment to send good wishes to everyone who is being affected by the hurricane in the Philippines these past few days. Especially some love to Leia and Jason, who have family there. I can only imagine the distress of this situation and hope that it ends soon. 

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On the other side of things...Life is full of lots of good stuff. And I think a bucket list is such a fun way to keep track of these things. It's really inspiring to me to read over mine and imagine all the possibilities. So I'm sharing it here today. I also have a reverse bucket list over here if you want to see some things I've accomplished. 

My Bucket List

1. Take part in a flash mob 
2. Ride a camel in the Sahara desert
3. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
4.  Get a tattoo
5.  Learn an instrument
6. Study abroad
7. Go to the airport and purchase a ticket to a random destination
8. Cross-country US roadtrip and visit national parks
9. Cave des Roches, France (Mushroom caves)
10. Chaco Canyon, New Mexico (part of #8)
11. Angkor Wat in Cambodia
12. The Tunnel of Love in Ukraine
13. Nara Dreamland in Japan
14. Visit all continents (North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Antarctica, Australia)
15. Learn a 3rd language (at least conversationally)
16. Walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, Spain 
17. Raise kids
18. Get married
19. Open a cafĂ©
20. Earn money from blog
21.  Ride an elephant
22. Geocache
23. Write a kid’s book
24. Stay in a tree house for a few days
25. Make cottage cheese
26. Do a juice cleanse
27. Plan and do a random act of kindness
28. Sky dive
29. Learn to rock climb
30. Ride in hot air balloon
31. Be a burner (aka finally go to Burning Man)
32. See the Northern Lights
33. Live in a jungle
34. Walk along the Great Wall of China
35. Learn to crochet
36. Create a home
37. Visit Joshua Tree, CA (preferably attend music festival there)
38. Volunteer at music festival
39. Make a legit time capsule
40. Attend a sweat lodge ceremony
41. Attend a TED talk
42. Learn a lot about herbs and natural remedies
43. Grow Bonsai tree
44. Take a photo a day for a month
45. Eat sushi in Japan
46. Live in South America
47. WWOOF in Asia
48. Host Couchsurfers
49. Take a hot yoga class
50. Sleep under the stars
51. Visit lavender fields
52. Visit sunflower fields
53. Learn canning

If you have a bucket list, I'd love to check it out. You can share in the comments :)

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