Saturday, November 23, 2013

Visiting Pachacamac

Hey there, and happy weekend again! This week ended on a really exciting note: my hubby is now employed!! We're celebrating by watching movies and eating salty and sweet treats. Wine was part of the plan, but that turned into a funny story...

Last week Rafa and I took a bus about an hour out of Lima, to visit the ruins of the ancient civilization, Pachacamac. It was nice to take a few hours to explore and do something different. Plus, it was on my Peru bucket list. But of all the really awesome archaeological sites in Peru, this one didn't make it high on our list. The museum was very interesting and had some neat artifacts. It was a little disappointing that most areas were prohibited from entry. This may have been due to the large restoration projects going on...Ok, maybe that didn't come off right - it is an impressive place to experience (and even more-so if you haven't visited other Andean ruins yet!). 

Pyramid with ramp.

Rafa being a rebel.
A little history: 
Pacha means "earth" + chamac means "energy". This Pre-Incan civilization was a very important center in Peru, energetically and ceremonially. For this reason, many people pilgrimaged from far away to this site. Some of the architectures include: pyramids with ramps, a palace, North-South road, East-West road, a cemetery, the old temple, the painted temple, temple of the sun, the female virgin quarters, and the pilgrimage area. Here are some more of our photos!

Acllawasi - the female quarters.

The Temple of the Sun, main ceremonial area. And also at the top of the mountain, overlooking the coast.

Rustic restoration of Temple of the Sun.

Some other cultural snippets from my life in Peru!
Harvest Fest: Huatia
A Cultural Bit: Guinea Pigs

Have a beautiful rest of the weekend!

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