Monday, November 25, 2013

Prohibition in Peru + Weekly Wishes #6

Hey there. I hope you're off to a beautiful new week...and a delicious one at that! The weekend is going to be guaranteed greatness - visiting friends and celebrating a feast together in Cusco!! There will be lots of givings-of-thanks and face-stuffings.

Before I share Weekly Wishes link-up hosted by lovely's a fun little cultural bit:

Yesterday was a local voting day in Peru. While I was aware that the elections were happening, I had no idea it would affect our Saturday night wine and movie plans. I went to the store to pick up a bottle - ok, a box - of wine and saw this:

One side of the aisle was blocked off by toilet paper display, placed strategically in front of the liqueur (for a supposed barrier, this was a pretty fluffy choice. I can just imagine someone barricading through triumphantly to grab a beer). I pretty much started cracking up right there.  

At this point I overheard someone mentioning that it was the Ley Seca - or the dry law. And this sign explained. Basically, everyone is restricted from selling any alcohol for 2 days before and the day of voting. Aka, the prohibition for 3 days! 

I was laughing about this to my husband and it was obviously normal to him (he's Peruvian). Voting is required by law here so I suppose its their way of assuring that people will not be too drunk to show up and vote the next day. Apparently there are quite a few other S. American countries which enable this law during voting. All in all, I get it. It is just ridiculous to see the measures that people go to in order to restrict some things. Hahaha! Here's my favorite:

*  *  *

I really like the theme of this week's wishes: new beginnings. It rings true to me and my husband, as we're changing things up a bit now (and he has a new job!). 
Last week's goals:
1) Start going through things. Well, technically...I did my laundry and cleaned up a bit, but I'll still be giving the 'going through things' part another go this week.
2) Be thankful. This one went pretty well. I took some time during public transportation to think about some little things and people. Is this something I can really 'check' off my list, even if it's like an on-going goal. We'll just go with yes for now!
3) Catch up on my online class.  Yessiree! And I'm so glad I finished! This class has given me some good ideas and inspiration in the teaching area. I may even try some more online classes :)

And a few things I'm putting more energy into this week include:
1) Get going on gift projects! I'm thinking of one in particular because it needs a bit of plan time.
2) Show thankfulness. I want to do this by writing a few nice emails and catching up with some special people.
3) Keep practicing yoga. Since I stopped going to the yoga studio (because of conflicting/sporadic schedules), I've been keeping up the practice at home with online videos. I'd love to practice a few times this week to get more focused and open up my heart.
4) Continue going through's a process. 

Thanks for coming by! Go 'em go-getters!! 

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