Friday, February 28, 2014

On Moving to Peru

Hey there! If it's your first time, welcome. I'm so so glad you're here :)

I'm Lisa and want to share a very frequent question I'm asked: Why did you move to Peru? Some background info is that I've been primarily living in Peru for the past two and 1/2 years. In that time I met my (now) husband, which has mostly kept me there. Also, I'll refer to it as there only because I'm visiting the states for another few months. 

So...that brings me back to the question - why did I move to Peru?

Well, if I were asking myself this, the answer would be simple: why wouldn't I want to go to another country and explore new things? It's part of my nature, which I love. I'm adventurous and challenge myself to get out there, try new things, and discover more about myself.

But really I did take some things into account, so I'll take your through my thought process. First, I would break this question into two parts: why did I want to move abroad? and why Peru? I feel like those both have their own stories.

Why did I want to move abroad?

In 2011 I was in California and had graduated two years previous. I was working with several jobs that I really liked, with sparkling and magical people all around me, but (like many people, I believe) I wasn't completely happy. I would really enjoy life and then slightly freak out about things. I felt like I complicated so much in my own mind, creating scenarios and situations that weren't relevant and didn't make me happy. Maybe it was anxiety? I also may have been slightly depressed. Anyway, I thought that was a powerful sign to step away and sort through my stuff...In summary, it was partially for my sanity.

Another piece to this is that I'd already fallen in love with traveling. A few years before, I'd gone with a large group of other students (who are dear ones to me still) and was studying through a program as part of my Bachelor's Degree in Spain. And oh, did I love it! Like, so much! But this was my opportunity to take it one step further: to travel to a new place, on my own, have a work experience, etc. To me, this was a very important challenge of self-exploration

Ok, so... why Peru?

Since I'd developed my Spanish language skills pretty darn well, I wanted to embrace this by using . So I checking my way through my bucket list by visiting every continent - I'd lived in Europe, traveled in Central America... it was only logical that I must visit South America this time! For me, it wasn't exactly about a precise destination, but taking a path there. Peru kind of fell into play because of several people mentioning it, a few friends who are from there, and because I was really interested in shamanism and the ancient cultures. 

That's the whole answer to why I up and out-ed to Peru. And I'll say - I'm so glad I did! A lot has happened these past few years and I'm so grateful for the most amazing guy I've met, special expat relationships I've formed, and really neat experiences I've had so far. 

Happy weekend, friends!

Do you like to move around or be in one place? How do you expand your horizons? 

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