Monday, March 3, 2014

Birthday + March Wishes

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Today is a really special's my husband's birthday! I'm so so joyful to have him as my closest friend and support. Happy birthday to him, mi gatito. He loves cats, but you may have guessed that already ;)

NOW, onto some of my goals for March...I love so much linking up with lovely Melyssa and her amazing enthusiasts :)

* Transfer my blog. This has been underway awhile and this month the change is happening! I'm so excited to have a fresh spot to share!

* Organize wedding photos. It's been a long while since our wedding - like about 7 months. I've accumulated a whole lot of lovely photos from friends and my parents, which I am so overjoyed to have! But now comes the daunting task of sorting through, editing, and compiling them all (essh!). I'd like to give attendees some of these photos to remember the day. I'm looking into prints, CDs, or electronically sharing (through Picasa or Flickr?). Does anyone have experience or ideas with this? :)

* Keep learning! I'm taking a Skillshare Photoshop class now and it's sooo helpful! Little symbols and buttons are making so much more sense now :) This month I want to attend a Beekeeper's Guild meeting and maybe try to apprentice a beekeeper. Those insects are just so enthralling and I really want to try working with them!!

* Read a book. There's tons of books I've been glancing at and referencing, but I want to read an actual book start to finish this month.

* Save money. After this short weekend trip to the Redwoods (I'll post on this soon), I was kind of wiped out. So back to saving!

* Eat corned beef and cabbage. Yum.

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What's up for your March? Any new projects or goals?

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