Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tips to Playing Carnavales

Flipping through some photos, I came upon a few favorites from Carnvales in Cusco which are pretty entertaining to share. (I'm on the left, covered in foam.) These carnavales are basically an excuse for full on water and foam fights.  It's not really like Brasil's Carnival, but also celebrated in February. 

Tips to play the game:

1. If you go outside, you're playing. People go all out for a few weeks and if you go outside you're not considered 'safe'. The main arena for the games is the Plaza de Armas, the main square. I remember some people had buckets of water on balconies, waiting to dump on 'innocent' passer-by-ers. 

2. Stock up. And if you actually want to get in on this action (instead of just wearing a poncho and running), make sure to go fully stocked with supplies: water guns, foam spray(or powder?), water balloons, etc. There are tons of street vendors and shops for all your carnavales needs. 

3. Definitely go with friends. Two reasons: what's more fun with friends than making a giant mess? and So you're not left empty canned and defenseless!

*Disclaimer* I don't encourage using foam spray bottles because they've got weird chemicals in them and I don't think they can be recycled. Maybe a good alternative would be some type of power, like in India's Holi festival. Now I want to try that.

Have you been in something like this? Do you dare get so messy??

Happy carnavales a mis amigos/as en Peru!

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