Saturday, February 15, 2014

Love All Around

Valentine's Schmaletine's! Whether you're solo, together, or together but apart (who else is doing this crazy long distance thing?) I hope you celebrate loveliness everyday. Maybe that means something small or something bigger. My past few days were full of some pleasant little surprises. 

<3 Valetine's crafting with pre-k kiddies 
<3 red rose and a drawing from a darling girl
<3 Ladies night and dancin' to funky electronic DJ sets

<3 Skyping with my hubby
<3 catsitting two spastic furballs

<3 a bottle of wine
<3 Peanut butter cookies...(here)

<3 ...with no flour! (it only has 3 ingredients - peanut butter, sugar, and egg!)
<3 stumbling upon a great little Indian restaurant (a new favorite) in Oakland
<3 being offer a glass of wine by another table at the restaurant. I love friendly strangers!

Happy weekending to you all! Halfway through February, here we goooo!

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