Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday Tunes #5: a new discovery

Good morning all and welcome! I decided to keep going with Tuesday Tunes because it's a fun thing for me and maybe you too :) It's a link-up to share musical inspirations, according to prompts above or whatever you feel like if it's music related. Tuesday Tunes is open all month, but Tuesday is the day to post it up! (thanks to alliteration!) 

Feb. 4th, a new discovery: Ayla Nereo

This lady has a wistful way of bringing nature and spirit into musical form. She shares a lot of love and consciousness through her music. I just found her a few weeks ago, looking up music and kept listening to more. She's also from Sonoma County, a place dear to my heart and where I lived for several years. Lovely way to start the day! 
This song is a cover of Feist, called 'How Come You Never Go There'. I love the loop peddle here! It's so fun how artists can create a full-on band with just their voice.  
Ayla's website. You can listen to her new album there too;) 

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