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Awesome Things To Do in Medellin {Colombia}

¡Buenos días! It's been some time since I've shared about travels, so today let's visit Medellin - one of my favorite places in Colombia. Some people are surprised to hear that Colombia has really changed a lot since it's drug and crime ridden past some 20 years ago. When I went in 2011, it was apparent that tourism is really growing and being invested in. And I really did feel pretty darn safe the whole time there. Ten days is not enough time btw, unless you like to hop around really quick or just stay and get to know one place. Anyway, I completely recommend visiting this beautiful and vibrant culture!

Uno. Fería de los Flores. 

The 'flower festival' happens every August. In this big celebration farmers create giant bouquets of their flowers(silletas) and flood through the streets carrying them. I'll let this video capture the feeling.

The whole city really gets decked out for this and you can also find about 7 giant flower sculptures around the city, like the virgen below. Very impressive and colorful!!

Dos. Take the MetroCable

This was a really unique experience, partially because of the gondola-like transportation system. At the top you will arrive to a big green forested park, Park Arvi. We took a little walking tour and learned some of the native plants and animals. 

Fun fact: "It was designed to reach some of the least developed suburban areas of Medellín. and is largely considered to be the first Cable Propelled Transit system in South America." (The other is in Caracas but carries passengers to a luxury hotel...a bit different.) 

Tres. Malls.

I'm not really a supermall person. Like, really not. But in Medellín I fell in love with malls. Why? Because of all the amazing(and free) exhibitions and activities they host! We wandered into several malls because at least during August there are lots of things going on. At one we admired a huge collection of bonsai trees, complete with a giant buddha statue. At another mall there were tons of orchids and still another had a showing of birds. It's kind of juxtaposed with nature next to a 'sale' sign, but I like that at least in the midst of all the buy-and-sell is something green :)

Cuatro. Museo de Antioquia

Here in the Plaza de Botero, you will find...this museum, yummy foods, a lot of Fernando Boltero sculptures, and a checkered cathedral. A fun place to hang out and a very extensive art museum, with permanent and temporary exhibitions from all time periods. I was fascinated by the Botero and contemporary showcases.  

"I fatten my characters to give them sensuality." -Botero

Cinco. Get a hat!

We both were eye-ing the beautiful woven hats hanging in carts and perched up along sidewalks. So we both decided it was a necessary souvenir, to be stylish in the sun. Don't you think? 

And una más extra: Pablo Escobar Tour. This sounds pretty interesting, visiting significant places and learning about the drug cartels. If only we had more time - we didn't get a chance to do it! 

Now your turn ~ what's a must-do in your own city or from a trip?

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