Monday, October 21, 2013

Tuesday Tunes #11 + yoga

Hey there, Lisa here to bring a new Tuesday Tune (a little early)! This is where I share a new or rediscovered song/artist. I'd love to have you join along if you feel inspired :)

But first - a little check-in:
I started up yoga again last week and am just so so excited about it. For the first time I tried Bikram (35*C temp while working out). Dang, that was some sweat (in case you wanted to know)! It was also kind of a challenge to keep up since I've been in low exercise status these days. BUT this will be motivation for me to get back into a healthy flow. I felt so good afterwards, with more energy and creativity. Yesterday my hubby even came with me to buy a mat - it's purple and I can't wait to use it tomorrow! (It's the little things, isn't it?) 

So, back to the muzak! 

This feature is kind of special because my husband has chosen the song! The group is The Brunettes playing the song If You Were An Alien. I'd describe it as fun and quirky. And a fun fact is that they're from New Zealand (is anyone else dying to visit there??). The part I like about this best is when I asked him why he chose the song. He said "it was in my head all day and it reminds me of you" (in Spanish though). Sweetie!

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