Thursday, October 17, 2013

Arica, Chile {revisited}

Hello reality! So I've been back from my trip to Chile and Cusco for about 5 days and am just getting back into the swing of work. It was such a good, much needed trip - especially for enjoying delicious food (sushi twice, which is really special!) and catching up on girl time with friends.

Last year I also visited Arica, in the north of Chile to renew my visa. Below are some combined photos from then and this recent trip. I'd describe Arica as a historic beach-town. Historic: Arica used to be part of Peru until there was a war and Chile took it over in late 1800s. To date, there's still a lot of hatred between Chileans and Peruvians. Beach-town: It definitely does have beautiful beaches (after passing industrial import area). On both trips I ended up a little pink from the sun. 

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