Friday, October 4, 2013

Trip Tips

Hi friends of the bloggy world and beyond! Happy weekend! Wow I`ve been busy with getting ready and I haven`t shared why...I`m taking a trip this week! Yep, Lisa here currently writing from the south of Peru, Tacna. And tomorrow I hop the border over to Chile for a few days. Its time to renew the visa (aka leave the country and re-enter) soooo its a perfect opportunity for a mini-vacation as well. This explains why I`m a little behind on responding to comments, thanks for understanding. The love is so appreciated :)

Today I wrote a note to one of my English students. See, she`s traveling to the US and is nervous about getting around in a different language. We can all sympathize withthat, right? So I put together a few tips that I always try to remember while traveling. They`re pretty broad and apply more to a general attitude instead of dealing with a language-barrier. But I`d like to think it will be helpful to her, and maybe you - in light of my own trip and other travelers, I thought I`d share here as well.

When traveling, keep these in mind:
* people will help.  There are often people around who are genuine and try to help others. If I need directions or information, talking with lots of locals and getting advice helps a LOT. But, by all means, DO be assertive and be wary of people who may take advantage of you.  
* positivity takes you far.   Maybe it sounds funny to laugh when you miss a flight, right? While something that happens may really suck, its helpful to keep things in perspective. Remember that not everything is in your control, only how you react to things. I practice smiling at the silly things that I could just as easily get frustrated over. But it helps create positive energy instead of feeding that negative ick.  
* plan to entertain.   Travel time can be a lovely opportunity for quality self-time. I love this travel time and usually use it to read, daydream, listen to music, write, maybe nap... 
* try to be prepared...  As someone who isn`t an in-depth planner, I still have learned how important it is to be prepared, especially when traveling. Actually, a lot of things are replacable and can be easily found wherever you may be going. But there`s a few things that are a good idea to put on the ´important list´: list of places and addresses you`re going, contact numbers/emails, copy of passport/ID, (if you use them) bank cards and copies.  Note: don`t leave bank cards in the scanner when making copies. It may lead to worried parents and extra UPS express charges. But that`s another story.)    
*...but be prepared to be flexible.  Along with positivity, flexibility goes a long way. Things change and you may be challenged to adapt or make a compromise. For example, I arrived later than expected and couldn`t do the next leg of my travel until tomorrow. So I stay one extra night in this cool city and go tomorrow. And it`s all good! 
Are there any key travel tips you have to share? Is there one that stands out to you? We`d love to hear :)

Just thought I`d share the sweet dinner deal of the night - sushi (with lettuce?!) and a mini-can of beer. I`m happy :)

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