Friday, December 13, 2013

Pumpkin Wantans

Wow, it's totally winter (north of the equator) I realize...But let's just rewind back a minute to fall and pumpkins. These pumpkin wantans are delicious, slightly sweet and would be great for appetizers, snack, or even main course. The ingredients are fairly simple, but the time to assemble them and boil can take up to 45 min. If you have some time, they turned out pretty nice for me.

The original recipe and idea is over here. And now for my rendition!

Yep. This is pretty much all you need: 
wantan wrappers (from Asian market) // pumpkin puree (recipe here) // a little water for sealing wrappers
If you put a pot of water to boil while you're putting the wantans together, it's more time-efficient. 

Moisten two sides of the wantans with water. 

A little dollop in the middle of the wantan and fold it over. Make sure you don't over-stuff the filling or it will be difficult to seal up. Take out some if it starts seeping out.

Tightly hold the folded sides together and use your finger to 'iron' over the corners. 

I kind of made up this method of wantan-folding. You can go with it or look for another way too! I fold the two adjacent corners into the center...

...and pinch with a dot of water to close it.

Lovely wantans ready to go!

When water is good and boiling, carefully slide in prepared wantans. When you first put them in make sure to give a stir so they don't stick to the bottom. You really want to take care of them in this stage because if they break or leak it's a sad story and you'll end up with empty wantans. So if you're just starting out, it may be a good idea to try this recipe with more solid fillings - I was very successful with broccoli and onion. Some others that would be nice: Spinach and garlic, cheese and bacon, sausage and broccoli, etc.
They will sink at the beginning and float when they are ready. And also change from white to an almost see-through color. Use a spatula with holes or a grid so the water can drain. They're kind of delicate, so I took mine out one at a time.

Now you've got some lovely cooked wantans! Add some soy sauce for a sweet-savory combo or sesame seed oil for a mild flavor. Yum, enjoy!

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