Saturday, December 21, 2013

Keeping calm in the craziness...

So I usually tend to post happy, fluffy things which is nice and at but...well doesn't always encompass real life...So today is a little rant about why I've been stressing out lately. Actually, I'm really grateful for this stress out moment because now I 
 Tomorrow I hop onto a plane back to California from Peru! 

1. going home for the holidays and organizing things. It's been nearly a year exactly since I've been back to California. I'm soo excited to catch up and soak up things I've missed being abroad. At the same time, it's a lot of packing, cleaning, and me procrastinating.
tips: Keep in mind that it will be so worth it once you arrive. 

2. going home for the holidays for an undefined time. The time I'll be back home is kind of open-ended, and I have somewhat of an idea of what I'd like to accomplish while there. It's slightly worrisome the idea of being away from my partner so long, but at the same time, we'll still be in constant contact.
tips: Keep communicating! There's always Skype.

3. packing up and searching for an apartment. Rafa and I decided to look for our own little place for the next year. And since he's working a lot, I'm heading the apartment-hunt. We've got some leads but ultimately, he's going to have to do the physical move in a few weeks.
tips: Have someone keep you in check - like "yo, relax and just do what you can". Keep track of everywhere you've contacted or want to contact. Having a detailed list like this could have really been useful. And also, when moving with a partner make sure to compromise, re-evaluate, communicate constantly, and most importantly - stay positive that something will come through!

4. throwing a last minute feast. I decided I should use up some of the Asian products I'd brought from home last year and make it in a little goodbye party. Well, it was fun and a success (!!) but added to my stress levels of the week.
tips: "Plan time wisely", said the little grasshopper looking in retrospect (and my husband - oops).

5. finding a temporary job back home. This one wasn't too stress-inducing because I have some time to find something and I usually have good luck in this area. Actually, I lined up a great temp job with a family for January, which I'm excited about!
tips: It's all about and!

6. saying goodbyes. This part is kind of awkward. First of all, I'm not really saying goodbye but see ya later until - well, later! I said bye to all of my tutoring kids, although I'll probably see them again. And tonight, I'll be spending my last hours with my sweet hubby.
tips: Create a meaningful experience together. This week I created little Christmas sock stockings for my hubby and I. Tonight we'll share our little gifts and maybe watch a movie. 

Well after the stress, I'm alive and well! Although I was sick a lot of yesterday as a result of the build-up, I'll say that I'm so incredibly thankful for my generally good health!! Thanks body for getting me through it! And thank you for reading...I'll see you in California!

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