Saturday, November 17, 2012

DIY: Recycled Crafty Wallet

I first saw this recycled project in Peru, where it seems to be a common thing. I´ve been making a bunch because I love the idea - fun, recycled, and easy! Here´s a little DIY so you can make your own. I hope it helps and you enjoy.

-1 litre milk/juice/wine carton
-paper/collage items (paint, brushes, markers, magazines, leaves, etc)
-large, clear tape
-thin elastic (between 0.5-1cm)
-pin (or something to make hole) you´re ready to go!

Step 1: Paint, collage, or decorate your paper. Or my friends like to use the original box if it has a neat pattern (like Gato wine). You can measure 26.5cm to cover one side of the box and both sides. Remember, if you have a design it should be planned out, as the folding will affect how it shows up. 

Step 2:
Cut the top and bottom off of the box.

Step 3:
Fold the sides in and crease.

Step 4
Cover box with designed paper and tape, sealing all corners. 

Step 5
Fold the carton off center by about 3-4cm. 
Then fold the longer side over again to create a flap. 

Step 6
Cut off the inner folded layers of the 
flap so that only the designed outside if left.

Step 7: Make a hole in the middle of the flap crease.

Step 8: Insert both endsof elastic and adjust to fit around the wallet.

Step 9: Double knot the ends together and cut extra elastic.

Step 10: Tape inside creases together on both sides.

Ta-daaa, that´s it!
Now you have your own unique, practical, and recycled wallet. 
There are lots of ways and techniques to use when making these. 
For example, you can also play with other methods of holding 
the wallet together (maybe a button or bead). 

Stay tuned for more DIY crafts.

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