Friday, November 23, 2012

A New Oldie

A newly old-found favorite, acoustic latin folk singer Silvio Rodriguez steals my heart with his heart felt guitarra and profound lyrics. As part of the Nueva Trova moment, he was a prominent musical folk figure in the Cuban Revolution in the 70s-80s. He has been referred to as ´´Cuba´s John Lennon´´.

I found this song to be one of my favorites. The first time I´d heard some of the songs was when I made a friend in Chile who was playing his wonderful music on the streets of Arica. It warmed my heart and put a smile on my face, as I hope it does for you. Well, if it doesn´ least it´s past Thanksgiving so  Christmas music is technically acceptable. Here´s the song and a few favorite lines, enjoy :)

´´Canción de Navidad´´ Silvio Rodriguez

Por eso canto a quien no escucha,
a quien no dejan escucharme,
a quien ya nunca me escuchó:
al que su cotidiana lucha
me da razones para amarle:
a aquel que nadie le cantó.

So I sing to those who do not listen,
to those who no longer listen,
to those who will never hear me:
their daily struggle
gives me reasons to love them:
to those that no one sings to.

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